Summer at Shatter Creek

Went to see Los Abandoned again at the Echo, and were playing later that night so I stayed to check them out. I liked what I heard when first exposed to them a few months ago from some mp3 blog and they were perfectly scheduled first up.

Dark, moody, but mostly enchanting. A guy behind a organ piano and a girl drummer. They would quickly sample his voice and/or her drums before each song and then play on top of the looped samples for a haunting effect.

Fit my mood this Monday while the fun of Los Abandoned was perfect for last week.

Skinny hipsters were not amused with the birthday party for for LA singer Lady P making alot of noise by the front door. Not much that SaSC could do but play and take it in stride, though quick flashes of annoyance were there.

I was sucked in and barely noticed.

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