some blurry photos from Kiss Or Kill

At some point I was at a show last night and caught the very end of Underwater City People.

Afterwards Celeste was silly.


The Atomic Missiles are now my new (non-pu$$ycow) favorite band to watch at kiss or kill.
1) Because they're great.
2) They have some of the best fans ever.


King Cheetah were playing at their best last night.

Picture133_13Jul05 Picture134_13Jul05

Bang Sugar Bang, amazing as always, and recently signed to SOS records (Adicts, the Exploited, the Toy Dolls) btw.


Jeff Penalty (Dead Kennedys) joined the band for a song.

1) Yes, I know I need a real camera.
2) My B-day is in October if you want to buy me a camera. An used one is okay.
3) Last night was weird.
4) More posting to follow.


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