El lack of sleeping after El Cid

Tossed and turned and managed a couple bouts of sleep of no more than 45 minutes at a time. Maybe it was the late night eating to help drive the 30 miles home, tank heading towards empty, or that I'm still sick and should've been sleeping and not drinking. Oh well I had fun.

If I'd slept, I would've missed that moment when the words "swoon, swoon, swoon" filled my head. It was one of my random "last night was weird" moments of seeing someone again.

Stronger impressions of offering my last piece of warm gum to a really cool person I'm just starting to get to know.

I'll remember that So Unloved sounded amazing. Easily the best show that I've seen of theirs so far.

I had never been to El Cid before and was pleasantly surprised by the layout of the building. Walking down sets of stairs that switched back and forth until reaching the courtyard with built in booths and an upper terrace on the far end. Now intrigued to see it in the daylight.

Amused that Person No.1 couldn't remember my name and claimed they also knew my last name while Person No.2 that I just meet a few minutes earlier chimed in that they knew both, and did.

Last night was weird like a sheepish smile to a beautiful girl who didn't react badly (friendly smile back, nothing else), feeling left alone in the back of bus, or randomly parking in front of a piece of guerilla art.

Art by: Invader
Recent LA exhibit at six space

Picture245_20Jul05 Picture249_20Jul05


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