forgot to mention

That I don't know how to bet profitably on horse racing, winning only $ 3.20 at the track Friday, which I quickly turn into a couple dollar beers and a hot dog.

I would also mention Coolio was boring as fuck when you're sober and probably wasn't that interesting 15 years ago either. Birthday Girl was a few levels below boozed out meltdown and stole beer from some guy who was busy taking a photo of his friends. The guy took it pretty well seeing how un-sly Birthday Girl was about it and it didn't hurt that Friend of Birthday Girl covered and apologizing (imagine pic of pretty girls apologizing and guy forgiving all).

The things you can get away with Boob-Power™, huh?

We left after the fourth song for a house kiddie party in Pasadena and found out later that Birthday Girl tore a ligament while grooving to Coolio.

Oh how did you hurt your leg?
Rock climbing? -- Bar fight? -- Running with the bulls?

No I was dancing to Coolio.

Such a gimp.


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