I don't need a chaser

Tuesday evening started with my friend taking me out to try the Thai-American restaurant on Sunset, which was good and it had the rock poster theme that makes look to it a Hot Topic eatery. Our waiter was cool to help make recommendations as to which direction to go on some the dishes we picked.

Got home around 9 pm, showered and debated even going to Kiss or Kill. It was International Noise Conspiracy secret show night and I've read that not much love was sent towards KorK in general and that it was just too darn crowded/hot. I don’t feel liked I missed anything

was at their best and a small bunch of new people stuck around after International Noise Conspiracy to see them which is always cool. Seeing Matt play reminded me how when I first saw them over a year ago. All groups go through a transitional up/down phase and Matt's earlier hand problem was a down period for the band obviously. I imagine that we are now seeing a whole butterfly leaving the cocoon period with a new record deal and Cooper’s predictions/timeline Matt once told Corey and me about, this is only the beginning of an amazing year for the band.

After the set I took a hit off the infamous tequila gun and gagged partly because of this sinus thing I'm fighting and the strength of the stream caught me off guard. Went into the bathroom coughing like crazy to wash off some of the tequila I sprayed out and a stranger concerned, asked if I was having an asthma attack. I tried talking but nothing came out but more coughs until I scratched out "tequila gun shot" from my throat. “Yeah that will do it” he replied.

Corey is quite amused because when I was waiting for the shot, he said I need a chaser, and I was “I don't need a chaser. I never use anything for a chaser.” At this point he went ahead to the bathroom and heard the whole hacking conversation with the stranger, but he didn't know it was me until he saw me walking out. I know I'm going to hear more of this.

Funny: Someone, who shall remain anonymous, really believed I was riding my bike home. 30 miles. On a bike. To Walnut. At 2 in the morning. So gullible.

Not funny: I was a little short with someone, already annoyed by the bartender.

Funny: Person No.1, very odd girl

Post Script: I try to check my issues at the door, and lately it has been a frustrating situation I find myself in, but KorK (the bands, the nice people I've meet lately, old friends) is like morphine for my wounded self and I love that.

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