This one can be skipped

If the last post didn't make any sense (do any of them?), I might have not explained how incrediably tired I was yesterday when I wrote it.

In bed by 3 AM, alarm set to 4.45, I woke up to the alarm and jumped into the shower which alerted me enough 10 minutes later to noticed that it was only 3.45. I'm still a little confused when I checked the alarm (still set for 4.45) as to what woke me up.

Went back to sleep got up again at the right time, realizing the mistake of sleeping with wet hair and finished getting dressed. Had some coffee and dozed in out of sleep still sitting upright on the couch, hot coffee in my lap. Figured I'd get going before burning myself and drove to Anaheim to drop something off making it there by 5.50 am and arrived to work in Gardena at 6.20 am.

I'm surprised that with a little more than 1.25 hours of sleep I managed to work, carry on conversations (sounded a little drunk answering the phone though), wrote a post that made any sense, a really cheesy "dg" one I will not post here, and still not fall asleep on the commute home and becoming a sig-alert..

On an unrelated note:
I'm a little giddy from something I read out of the blue this morning.

You know, I did warn you about this post. The only significant part is the vague one at the end.


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