Venice sights and sounds

I saw a man on a tricycle talking about closing some real estate deal.
Work never ends for some.

Two girls walking their dog, stopping to chase each other on the lawn I was standing at.

Passersby, walkers, bicyclists, tourists wondered as to what I was looking up at in the air. They would look up, see my kite and I secretly wished I was just pretending to look at something.

Homeless interaction. Watch a couple guys walk back and forth and happen to follow them on my way out. One sees a half cigarette lying on the ground and stops to point it out to his homeless buddy.

Homeless No.1: Man look at this.
Homeless No.2: What?
Homeless No.2: Oh man come on.
Homeless No.1: No look, what a waste.
Homeless No.2: Man don't pick it up, come on.
Homeless No.1: No. I'm just saying that someone started one and threw it away. It's not even half smoked.
Homeless No.2: I'm walking.

They both start walking again.

Homeless No.1: Granted it's a Virgina Slim but it's still a waste.
Homeless No.2: Yeah. (pause) Man that dog is huge!


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