I'm fatter now

I can't look at another hamburger or hot dog without having to unfasten my belt.

Face stuffing, belly rubbing, Heineken drinking, blabbering foolishness = too much fun.

The Old Towne Pub on Saturday was slow starting but it picked up by the time the water gun fights erupted. Made sure to fill myself with a couple burgers, a slice of pizza and a few cheap drinks while enjoying New Fidelity, Rainman Suite, Get Set Go in their experimental line up with 2 guitars, a viola, and iPod musical back-up. Playing later was New Maximum Donkey and unconfirmed until the last minute The Dollyrots.

I don't remember talking much, but listening to a lot to random stories of touring, watching the bands and just observing people. Thought how some people are even cuter in the daylight.

Sunday, after doing usual house cleaning went out to Sherman Oaks for house party. Plenty of food, beer, drunken badminton tournament, and an optional Wes Anderson costume theme.

I had a great time and meet a bunch of new people, always less of a struggle with my shyness after a few drinks, but I think I'm also just getting better with practice. It was worse when I was high school younger. Back then I hated to make reservations over the phone or even call a store to see what time they closed. Good thing the internet wasn't around or I would have never forced myself to do such simple things.

Around midnight had Corey drive my still drunk self for my first Sunday night at Canters/Kibitz Room. Wasn't there long enough to count as really hanging out but saw some more folks from the Kiss or Kill set who are always there. Observed that some people are just as cute day or night.

Chatted for an hour with a couple people and smiled at the rest, and then crashed on Corey's couch and had strange dreams, trying to process conversations and thoughts that will always be left unsaid.


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