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[I'm clearing out all the old drafts I never posted for some reason]

The Pasadena party was winding down so we bailed looking for somewhere to eat and after Corey shot down Fred62 we went out to Nova Express for some late night eating. Very funky space alien themed cafe where you can order pizza by the slice and it's served on a plate, and in our case, by a fittingly spacey waitress. I opted for a toasted salami sandwich. Quite Tasty.

Talked to Corey about him moving up to the Bay Area, which would suck for me since he is one of my best friends. Amusingly he learns more about me through this blog lately, so I leave little cryptic references that only he will get sometimes.

Midway was playing the next night out in Hawthorne for club burn @ the Rock-It Cafe. Looking online, this place is often described as dive-y, but it was clean, bright, with an okay sound system. Reminded me of a 90's version of Archie’s from Happy Days and Corey thought of it more of a converted pizza joint which fit just as well. Maybe it's different during the day or just dive-y by South Bay standards.

They played cool 80's music afterwards and a good group of locals were dancing away, having a blast. The music and atmosphere brought back memories of the roving Bat Cave or some other named that escapes me that a DJ would set up for high school kids throughout Bay Area suburbs. We found them great places to hook up with people, have a house party afterwards to get drunk and stoned, back when I did the latter.

We watched the group dance to Tones on Tail while this Old Cowboy who was bugging Corey earlier dances the late hours away with girls in the group. One girl I casually watched and made brief eye contact with when she looked around but she didn't seemed too bothered by me. (No it wasn't a "checking out" type of situation)

I should have a shirt that reads "I have a staring problem" just to make light of my little observing problem. Half the time I'm just watching the flow of a room or will observe in detail the way a girl will cover her legs with a jacket when cold, sometimes pulling the feet up on the booth seat, right leg underneath the left with her light weight leaning onto her left hip and giving the appearance of counterbalance with a dangling Martini glass in the right hand. The coat slips a bit revealing the upper edge of her white knee highs when she leaned forward, more smiling than laughing over some silly joke her friend said.

Doesn't everyone see the world this way?


  1. Hey... I just found you. I had no idea you linked to me (I have two belly-buttons). That made my day. Thanks for dropping by my site.
    Keep up the great blogging!!! I'll be back.


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