Happy B-Day Parties

I'd told myself Wednesday morning that I would be taking a break from shows, lay low and such and try not to piss off people by "trying too hard". (This would be foreshadowing an upcoming post)

So I’m at The Whiskey that same Wednesday to see Midway, who are playing a semi-private party for a guy named Phil.

I'm not a "Friend of Phil", but I want to be.

Phil seemed super nice and all the people that he invited were just as friendly which says a lot in my opinion. One party guest even bought Corey a drink just because he thought Corey was a "Friend of Phil".

Colin was there being his oddball happy self and kept calling me Robert Dean Sausage, mostly just Sausage. Throwing in some pumping fists into the air as lead by Colin, it was a silly little group of us hanging out.

I imagine most of us can't rent out the Whisky and a school bus to drag your drunken friends around and avoid Sunset Strip parking, but I so would if I had the money.

Since I wasn't a "Friend of Phil" but just a "Groupie of Midway" I parked way up past Doheny and had to walk past the silly young punker/trashers (?) all dressed the same from whatever show at the Key Club. One young girl was yelling at a cab because she want to walk in front of him while he was driving. I commented to my friend that there is always one girl way too drunk, throwing things, or breaking windows as they stumble down the street in each group and then thought about how I used to date a girl like that many, many years ago.

Oh the memories. That crazy psycho ex-girlfriend held a knife to my neck while I was pinned down on a couch once, but that story is for a whole different post.

Mental Note:
Crazy girls: bad
Birthday parties: good

Speaking of which, Friday is the B-Day spectacular with Horse Racing, One dollar beers, Tone-Loc and Coolio at Hollywood Park in da'Wood. (Inglewood, fools)

Random things from last night:

Before Midway's set, they had these four girls perform a group salsa routine. Weird but fun to watch.

They handed out fake oscars to other birthday folks, kind of like runner up prizes. One girl decided to lie out on the stage floor, started tounging the trophy head for pictures. Dan T. gave this very drunk winner a birthday hug on her way off the stage and she seemed a little confused as to if she knew him or not, but he totally acted like he knew her.

So sly Dan. So sly.


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