Listening to the lemons drop

Poor thirsty kids in Africa will never know the taste of lemonade made from the fruit dropping off my tree every few minutes.

It must be the evening temperatures cooling off causing this expansion or contraction or some sort of mechanism that for this hour I've been listening as each yellow mass makes it way through the branches with a thudding stop onto the cement.

Reality Setting In

Spent this weekend doing trying to do pull ups and L's (?)(when you hang and hold your legs up in a horizontal position) on the monkey bars down the street. Pocket parks are perfect weekend retreats.

Realized a couple things this weekend: That I'm horribly out of shape and came back to reality about DG (a title, not a name), who has been on my mind ALL week, but it was wonderful thought while it lasted.

Traveling in Place

Finally made it out to the LA Live Steamers Railroad Museum in Griffith Park for free train rides on scaled down replicas of steam and electric engines. Can't beat free anything and this freeness happens only on Sundays before 3 pm.

For your Disney freaks, the Disney Barn is also located here. (fyi: site is small world annoying).

Always open and free is Travel Town for full size trains and a less interesting train ride for two bucks. Still it is better than the original train on the pony ride side of the park, but not as scenic as the Tilden Park miniature steamer up in the Bay Area, where your dog can ride for for free too.

Why do I know this?

Oh simple weekends to daydream, ride trains, listen to this song on repeat, and melt away without air conditioning.


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