Escape from work

Skipped out of work early not to hit the Warped Tour as planned but since a project had to be finished that day and I finished it up and bailed early regardless, not feeling bad about it at all.

Well if I wasn't going to have fun at the Warped tour, might as well go fly a kite on the beach instead.

Picture072_06Jul05 Picture075_06Jul05
First I treated myself to in Culver City for the tacos. I wasn't even hungry but whatever tacos make me happy. Then I drove down to Venice finding parking plentiful by the south end of the shops and headed towards the Venice Pier which appeared further than it actually was. Called my brother in the Bay Area and rubbed it in that I was at the beach while he was stuck working, because brothers do those petty things to each other all the time.

If it wasn't for those stupid tacos I might have caught an early dinner at C&Os. If you have never tried C & O Trattoria (C & O) located at the start of the pier, you're missing out on gigantic half portions and super yummy garlic rolls. Oh well walked up the pier with a watery mouth instead.

Picture076_06Jul05 Picture077_06Jul05
I watched the surfers chit chat while waiting for a decent size wave to come in, but without a zoom on my phone they were too far to take any pictures of. A quick moment of panic when my treo frozed and I didn't have anything small enough to reset it. Fortunately found a twig on the outside of the railing that worked surprisingly well. (yes I'm now aware of the little thing on the stylus now).

Walked all the way to the North end of the shops watching the vendors smile at anyone one who passed by hoping for a "donation" in exchange of goods. I used to think that it would be easy to set up shop along the strand, but standing in the sun for ten hours would kill me and how do you get something to eat or use the bathroom if you’re selling by yourself?

Strolled through the crowds with water bottle in one hand (Californians carry water, tourists don't) and my kite in the other. European tourists and cute girls everywhere, with far less trashy folks that you see on the weekends so it wasn't too annoying.

Picture084_06Jul05 Picture082_06Jul05_surreal

Found the perfect kite flying spot with a wide open lawn and shade from the palm trees. I was going to take more pictures, but really it's just sand and water, isn't it? Use your imagination.

A few more pictures can be found here


  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    glad you had a wonderful time!! Everything looks beautiful. My kite is bigger than yours! It just is.


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