Another one gone

Park Theater: 1941-2005
Loyal fans turn out for single-screen cinema's last hurrah

Sad to read that the Park theatre in Lafayette is closing down.

Before all the multiplexes came to central Contra Costa County, this little one screen was the closest place to catch a movie in the art house circuit.

Traded a lot of free shows there with us at Festival - Walnut Creek. Ccorey/ Monica, did you guys ever work there or was that at the Grand Lake in Oakland?

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  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Why didnt i hear about this sooner??? Sad. I never worked there, I was offered manager job at the Cinelux Chabot though, turned it down. The manager at the park is a super nice awesome guy, i wonder where hes gonna go to...and casey...hes managing the orinda now. hmmm.... The guy who owns these places Alan Machaan (sp?) was on TV a few weeks ago urging people to go out and support thier local one-screens. now i know why. total bummer.


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