Imperial Hwy almost to Norwalk @ 7.30 AM

Stopped at the longest light in the world, I peep back into my rear view mirror and watch two silhouettes step out of the vehicle a couple cars behind me. These Yogi and Boo Boo guys walk up in my direction, one of each side of the car behind me, veering to my right at the last moment. Yogi Bear starts yelling at the delivery truck next to me, pulling on the door handle to open it. The door pops opens an inch or two then closes, opening again for a leg to make an appearance. The shouting continues between Yogi and truck driver while Boo Boo hangs back calling out out the driver.

Of course I turn the radio down to listen.

After a little prodding the driver jumps out and it becomes a shoving match behind my car. Trucker has a friend and he pops out, coming around from the front of the truck.

Punches are thrown, Trucker does some kicking, more punches, then some wrestling like circus bears waddling around in circle taking wipes at each other. Boo Boo just talks shit to the much larger Trucker friend who is keeping a watch out for cops or the light to change.

They start to break up, retreating while still talking smack. Yogi doesn’t likes what he’s hearing and starts for the Trucker again. The punches and wrestling continues in the middle of traffic as they keep bumping into my trunk; I'm sitting here worried about scratches and could care less if these idiots hurt themselves. Driver does some girly kicks, too big and awkward to kick gracefully, without effect on Yogi Bear.

The light turns green and I take off watching the silhouettes go for one more round in the street.

I love my commute.


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