What have I've done

I've been struggling to write stuff and get work done at the same time for the last few days. At home my free time is spent watching the news about the damage in New Orleans and how the US has screwed up in its response. Had some great conversations with friends and strangers over what and who got screwed, admittedly biased in our liberal, indie, Californian viewpoints.

My friend had some interesting and bombastic remarks concerning the situation:

... and this is why I hate America
...It's all about money...They're going to take all the land from the poor people and give it to big business.
..I wouldn't do it, but I'll be the first person to stand up and applaud if someone "took him out"

While I wouldn't phrase things that way, we both really hate Bush.

Anyhow, I've been too lazy to transcribe all the notes I've written into posts, and the few that I have completed went to the other blog.

Did I mention not being snubbed by Ogirl on Tuesday? Reading disappointing news about bands I love,lacking any urge to talk to DG or really anyone lately. Heard about more drama in the patio of the Echo and I realized how thankful I'm not part of it. Staying for all the bands made me smile the next day because I can always go to KorK for the music and not talk to any of the few crazy people there.

Another story with no point:

Non crazy Celeste from Underwater City People flagged me down as I was walking up to the Echo with "Hey Mayo!"

My new name for when I jokingly bitched about not having mayo for the Playas Picnic and that eventually got back to Celeste who organizes those BBQs. On the next picnic I bought some mayo and lettuce (also missing) to share at the picnic and not to look like the asshole for bitching about it. Gave her a hard time for the ample supply at the Punk Rock Social BBQ a month ago, but I was just being a brat. Well Mayo is a better name than asshole.

Speaking of the PRS BBQ, on Sunday 9.11:

Sat. 9.10:

Three bucks for the Mormons and 8 Bit @The Scene Bar in Glendale - Saturday 21+

Eight bucks for Modicum, Ringer, Porterville @ The Troubadour - 9 sharp - all ages


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