book cover contest

Tony Pierce at the Bus Blog is having a little contest this week in search of a cover for his upcoming book "Stiff". Feel free to pass it along or make a cover yourself.

More info at his post

I made a very simple cover using a couple low rez pics, one I took at KorK and the other stolen from DJ Cheese Zombie of the cigarette machine located at the Continental Room in Fullerton.

There is a link to the gallery in the post link above and a $66.66 cash prize too.


  1. I like the book cover. Not the one you did. One of the other ones. Actually - I enjoyed yours the bestes. I expect my $33.33 when we, you win. You did far more so I'll take 22.22 you keep 44.44. Confused yet.

  2. I owe you like 5 or 7 bucks, so we can call it an even $30.

    always confused.


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