dreaming while sick

Avoidance is driving around on a beanie tire for three days.

Joy is painting for the first time in...years.

I wasn't online, the television never started, and I skipped Kiss or Kill last night. Strange to be in bed by eleven. Two nights ago I twisted up in my comforter, waking up every two hours to my roommate's TV. He must have fallen asleep with his television unit blaring through my closet, two am, four am, six am, still on.

Last night I dreamt about partying with strangers (well let's just say they were strangers) in Vegas. We were drinking in my room at the MGM Emerald Tower. This girl wanted to do coke I said go ahead, have fun. No I was cool; I had my rum and coca-cola to hold me.

She leaned over to do her thing, my glass held up to my forehead cooling my temples as I watched.

I have no idea why I was dreaming this last night.

[Cocaine imagery courtesy of bad episodes of Miami Vice and Nyquil - I've never seen coke in my life actually]


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