shoot me

Her: Which printer is it? Is it Epson LQ 1050?
Me: No, it's listed as Epson Invoices and as Invoices/Orders under the description.
Her: So it's not Epson LQ 1050?
Me: No. You're going to have to add it.

The gimp of the hamster running through her head just passed out.

Her: I have to add...?
Me: Go to Start menu, Printers and Faxes and click on "add printer"
Her: Start Menu? (long pause) Um okay...

I hang up not knowing if anything else was coming out of that big gaping hole.

I know for a fact she knows how to do it, as I have shown her many times, so why does she try to make me walk her through it?

I'm sick and cranky. Can't you tell?


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