Tuesday on Thursday

I want to write first about how I ate too much Del Taco that night because we had an extra taco and were going to offer it to the homeless person outside, but he disappeared. So I ate it. We did drive around for a few minutes looking at him, so I don’t feel bad. Fat maybe, but remorseful, nope.

We picked up Katie and made the mile drive to see Sara Radle play solo at Tangiers. The three of us sat together talking and we debated saying hi to Sara on the other side of the room. When it was mentioned that I should ideclined with rationale that I already creep people out, no need to make that impression worse. At one point we went back out to the car to get a sweater for Katie and waste a little time since we were early. Back in we still had the whole back corner on the left to ourselves so we decided to sit eight feet away from each other to be dumb.

Sara started a couple minutes later so I stay put during her solo set while Katie and Cortney scooted closer to each other as more eventually made their way in the back room. She sang a bunch of new songs while I mouthed the old ones (cigarette, try me, nothing charming) while still sitting by myself against the back wall. I’ve seen her only with a full band and never solo before so I felt silly singing the backing vocals to myself but whatever.

Sara was first that night and finished up by 9.15 so I had plenty of time to make it for Kiss or Kill, catching most of the Art Ghetto’s disco punk set when I walked in. It was completely dead and I was worried it would be like this regardless of the great line up that night with the amazing Sounds of Asteroth, Porterville, Underwater City People’s tour kick off, and the Fizzies. Ended up okay people wise, but I’ve seen better.

Talked to Matt about Cooper's cool new haircut; I thought she looked amazing and told him “You are married to the hottest 17 yr old here.” He was still missing the long hair, adjusting to the new look, but enjoying it. I know I wasn't the first person to mention it.

Felt like a night full of good looking people everywhere except for me and my big, needing a haircut desperately head. A good people watching/staring night for me.

Not sure how it started, but didn’t mind listening to Matt's rant about how one manager of a KorK band basically accused them of running a homophobic club. A strange statement considering bands like Midway, Porterville, Nutra, and especially Sounds of Asteroth have played month long residencies there. Matt was understandably offended and confused by that remark.

I left the conversation with Matt, Corey and Jason when I noticed Porterville had already started. Hanging out at the side of the stage, I scanned the crowd for my friends only to realize they were standing a foot to my right the whole time. On my left was the cute blond bartender I hadn’t seen at the Echo in awhile. I smiled.

Speaking of cute, Colin and Paige (?) have to be the cutest couple ever. They are young and seemly wrapped in limerance at the moment; heighten senses, immediate smiles when they meet up for the first time that day. I should stop staring at people I don’t know, but I’m a sap for watching moments like that between two people.

Stayed for UCP’s set which included over the top Jon guitar solos, good and then bad audience sing along (Sir Ian) and a cover of Twisted Sister ‘We’re not going to take it” with Johnny 99 of Silver Needle. Left dead tired before the Fizzies - oh well, next time.

Overslept the next day. The end.


  1. Hi! thanks for stopping by.

    I stopped going to shows for five years and I totally missed it.

    If it wasn't for sleep and work, I would go to more.


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