cheap ol grump

Last night I remembered that I had screening passes for the new Jenny McCarthy movie Dirty Love on Monday night. Eww Jenny McCarthy you're thinking, and you're right to question why I would go to a movie that will surely bomb.

First it was free, and secondly I just wanted to check out the Cinerama Dome where it was playing at, too lame to actually pay to see a movie there. Not surprising coming from the person who waited to see Star Wars at the dollar cinema though that would've been the perfect movie to see on the Dome's giant screen earlier this year.

Movies and where they played at used to matter when I was younger, but at this point it is hard for me to justify spending the extra money I currently have little of on a potentially sub par movie experience with stupid people unable to understand that they aren't in their fricking living rooms. Even if I was watching a DVD at home with friends or family I want them to shut the f--k up too.

I watch movies to lose myself in the story, sound, and visuals of another world, the last thing I want to hear about is your retard boyfriend on your cell. Don't get me started on admission prices!

God I think I'm becoming the old, cranky, cheapskate my friend accused me of on Tuesday.

Gum Wanter: Can I have some gum?
I was already getting a piece out when she asked and proceeded to split one piece between the two of us.
Gum Wanter: Why do you have to be so cheap and not give me a whole piece?"
Me: I'm not cheap!
Gum Wanter: Yeah you are.
Me: But its Orbitz gum. They have big pieces and half is more than enough for you. I even split my own pieces in half.
Gum Wanter: See! That's being cheap.


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