New Orleans

I have posts I'm working on, have been working on. This comment on another blog is all I've managed to write today:

    I keep trying to write about this. Not only is this upsetting, it just plain old scares me.

    I cry for the families torn apart and the individuals not eating for days. The rapes and deaths...of course I think what if it was me and my family.

    Not to be the uber downer, but when "the big one" hits [earthquake in California], this is what we can expect and that scares the s**t out of me.


  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    ok, just wondering , have you heard anything from Beth??? Know where she might be these days???

  2. I was going to call you today about her. I have no idea where she is and only her about sightings from you actually.

    I've been wondering, even dreamt about her too last night. C thinks she was smart enough to leave early. Maybe her parents got her a flight out, I hope.

    Does any have contact with her anymore?

  3. Anonymous7:08 PM

    well, i know that she has my number, i havnt changed it, but i have not heard from her in like 2 years. i thought C(O?) might have heard something from T.I.M. or something. Anyway, i just hope she is safe, last time they evacuated New Orleans she went to stay with friends in Mississippi. Hmmm...

    love and miss you.

  4. I should call you M., considering I'm sitting less than five miles from you at the moment. Sunday for sure.

    I imagine Owens is still in touch, but is anyone with him? If anything Beth is resourceful and not stupid (um escape from rehab) God still pissed about that, but I did it. I've wriiten her off as being a part of my life, but can't erase the memories. crazy girl.

    hmm haven't talked to T.I.M. in years. I talk to you, read sonia's blog and that's it.

    I'm tired. I'll call you in a matter of hours.


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