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Sat in traffic for an hour to Glendale on Thursday, 30 minutes longer than it needed to be. Annoyed I jumped off the One Ten at the Sixth Street exit, rolling down Beaumont past the never to be finished Beaumont Learning Center. A quick left up some street past the one of the many towing companies (shakes fist) I see in this area, and over the One-O-One through Echo Park. I tire of navigating through vague recollections of which street points my way, what turn connects to me, to my car, to this road with fifteen miles to go.

A brief conversation with the roommate who seems to no longer hate me, followed by the dog walking and chatting thing with my friend afterwards. The chats are always interesting and my advice remains to go ahead and kiss the guy, and enjoy the moment. What doesn't kill you will make crumble into a ball and cry for awhile I always say and that's not at all helpful advice she replies. Okay I never said that last part.

In short order, we later went out to the Valley, I took a nap in the Hamburger Hamlet parking lot while waiting for her, ate at the In'n'Out, sped back to switch cars and made it in time for Midway's set at The Scene. Great show even with the few mistakes I only seemed to catch, but the receptive crowd didn't.

The second band Zombi was flat out wrong for the bill, It wasn't bad but boooring prog rock which just brought the vibe down for the high energy later expected from Fishbone.

This is from their bio/faq to show how bad of a booking this was for the night:

So you guys are, like, a Goblin tribute band or something, right?
No. Conceptually, we are very similar to Goblin: we play dark, synth-heavy progressive rock and compose horror movie scores. And some of Goblin's soundtracks, such as Dawn of the Dead and Suspiria were great sources of inspiration to us when we first began playing. But, at this point, creatively we fall somewhere between Pink Floyd and Giorgio Moroder. Aquarius Records said we sound like a cross between Heldon and Tortoise, but a better description might be 'If John Carpenter and Alex Van Halen started a prog-rock band.'

Stayed outside for most of the whole set talking to some friends about work, smoking and the perils of social networking. Chatted mostly with Emily's brother and Laura Red who introduced me to Ashley, who I've met three times before. Reminded her again that I nearly hit her with my car in Pasadena once. She didn't remember. Almost the cause of her early death and she doesn't remember me; I'm that forgettable.

Fishbone came on with keys, trombone, trumpet, singer/horn, guitar, bass, drums all crammed onto the tiny stage. Damn good for a bunch of guys I'm guessing are in their mid 40's. Made it through most of the two-hour set before tiring out and leaving early. Felt old - good times


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