2.5 hour apple store adventure

Warning: another pointless, lame post

My friend needed help with her ongoing iPod battery problem (it doesn’t charge) so after a quick dinner we camped out at the Genius Bar for assistance. We were warned that without an appointment, to expect a wait of at least an hour, so we screwed around on message boards, checking email and such for awhile. Behind a blob of customers and Apple clerks awaited a glimpse of the new iPod Nano.

"Look. She's holding one right there."

Damn the iPod Nano is tiny. Visualize drooling on my part.

Yeah I knew it was smaller than a pencil and all that jazz, but it is seriously the size of a stack of business cards. I wish I could justify buying one, but my budget won't allow it and absolutely don't need it. No. I need at least a 20 gig model.

Reminded me of this parody from a few months ago:

The iPod Flea (wmv-video)

Nice little article on the Nano in the NY Times (free registration required) and/or you can watch an amusing video report here (deep link should work, easy link on article)

Half way through the wait I fell asleep on the chairs, to be startled by my friend's name being called out. Dazed I looked around expecting to see her a few feet away making for the counter. I glanced at the Genius guy behind the counter calling her name out again with that whatever look on his face. Not wanting to lose or moment I panned my gaze over towards the front of the store where the blob of people stood, then back up to the guy, my head still drooping and he now starts the going once, going twice routine. I stand up dizzy with questions of “Was I sleeping? Where the hell is she? Was I snoring? I should say something.”

"She's here. Um, somewhere."

I focus again on the blob and see her talking to some friends that had just came in. I yell her name . I yell it three more times and she finally hears me over the check out counter rumbling, with that oh shit look and comes running back. We didn’t waste our time waiting and my time napping to miss her turn.

Fortunately the good folks at Apple-Glendale narrowed it down to an old PC and USB 1.0 charging problem, this after sending it off to the Apple repair center which did nothing to help. This two minute solution also came with an enjoyable five minutes of Mac over PC ribbing at my friend’s expense. She egged them on with how overpriced Macs were, costing "like 4000 dollars" and you could see them cringed with that misconception, until they realized she was only half serious. Her beef is just with the Macs and iPods are more life sustaining than water hype that is floating around.

She’ll fight it to the end, but it’s only a matter of time before they get her with a 12” iBook.


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