driving this morning

Prius drivers suck.

They don't accelerate on the freeway just to up the miles per gallon they so smugly enjoy. Don't they know that actually hurts the mileage?.

Oh must get 50 miles to a gallon, lets drive really slow. F--king get off the freeway! City driving is actually better for your hybrid with the power regeneration from braking. Stop wasting my time getting to work by hogging up the freeways. Oh damn you too for getting to use the carpool lane you single rider f--k.

That said, I want one too.

Woke up at 7.30 this morning, first thought is I'm not going to make it to work by 8 am. Made the 38 miles by 9 somehow and following my already rough start, I dropped my coffee within 10 feet of walking inside. Great.

These are the things I think of while stuck in traffic:

Scene: guy and girl driving. A new couple on a road trip

Guy cell rings. He looks down to read the display but doesn't answer it
She: Who is it?
Guy: It’s my friend Bill
She: Don't you want to talk to him?
Guy: Not really.
She: Let me answer it!
Guy: You don't know him. But sure
She: I know him! I meet him at the show on Tuesday.
Girl grabs the phone and flips the cover open to talk.
She: Thank you for calling the Girls Get Wet, Your source for hot girls who want nothing more than to talk to you. For a free 30 second sample, please press 1. We've been waiting for you.

Guy: Um, that was a different Bill.

Med. shot of very confused friend pulling the phone away from ear and looking at it.


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