Tuesday at KorK

People were talking about the weird after sunset junction vibe in the room, many still burnt out from the heat and/or drinking at El Cid. It looked bare in the Echo for Silver Needle, but many eventually showed up for Midway, Underwater City People's CD release, Pu$$y Cow, and the OAOTs.

Saw DG and Ogirl but didn't talk much to them. Strange night of waving hello to a ton of people as if I haven't seen them in forever, which is nice of course, but not fully satisfying. I hardly have conversations with anybody there most nights and long for a hanging out on one the benches talking in depth moment with a stranger moment. Those random ones I could remember and maybe write about.

Yes, I understand that leaning against the wall with a beer in hand alone is counter productive to achieving those moments.

According to Joe, singer of Pu$$y Cow, Jared Leto (aka Jordan Catalano from My So Called Life and singer of the suckfest 30 Seconds to Mars) was there too.

My friend that flaked would've gotten a kick out of seeing him and asked if I saw him. For all I know he was the guy who backed into me and spilled MY beer on my shirt. When that guy turned around realizing what he just did, I returned a evil glare, rolled and pointed my eyes away, while holding my arms open, shaking my head, visibly mouthing WTF!?!

A total accident, so I just walked away already wet from another guy who spilled their drink on me earlier. That first guy made a point to apologize and I was okay with it telling him, hey it's just beer. That's part of the fun. I was too annoyed the second time to even wait for a reaction.

I'm going to pretend Jared Leto was the second guy because not only is it a better story, but if you ever read lindsayism.com, you already know he's a major tool.


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