Thunder, Lighting, Strike

The thunderstorm woke me up at 3 am this morning.

I laid there listening to the thunder roar over my house, timing the shortening delay between thunder and lighting to mark it's progress overhead. Drifted from sleep to wide awake, dreaming about music playing on the radio in my car and how I would kick someone’s ass with my supernatural ninja skills that this non-lucid state bestowed on me. I was honored to be given ninja secrets and promised the thundering gods to use them for only good ass kicking and maybe a little girl impressing too.

A blue flash from miles away illuminated my backyard through the sheer drapes my Ex had left me and the house with. I rolled quickly out of bed with ancient powers, snapping up onto my feet, fully aware of the darkness and what hid in it.

It felt good to be a ninja again.


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