check back later

Stuck in meetings today, but I have a couple half finished posts for later. [tonight]

Going to cram some food in my mouth before the next meeting with our crackhead sales rep Sylvia. Should be interesting.

Hey M.,

I swear that DB was at Kiss or Kill last night. DJCZ even thought it looked like him.

You missed him by a week.


  1. Anonymous5:35 PM

    he has a myspace page. he looks totally differnt now. not so DBish anymore. ;(

    who the heck is DJCZ??? and how does he know about DB??? cant be corey...hmmm...

  2. DJ CZ = Corey.

    Send me his myspace link - I can see if if it was the same guy. Came so close to asking him in he was from up north, but chicken out.


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