In conversations about relationships I tend to toss in the saying "timing is everything."

In a fluid bowl of people meeting and connecting, two individuals would need to be looking for the same thing at the same time, creating traction towards relationship establishment.

What I'm offering is nothing I can't afford to lose

Simply you have to be in the same place mentally, emotionally, and willing to risk some kind of loss. You'll never leave empty handed, be it love and partnership, or a hobo stick of regret wrapped in red and white handkerchief.

Anyhow my this random driving to the bank thought was if you're swimming (making an effort) in this social bowl of people and you connect with someone, wouldn't that also lead to the path of least resistance?

Wouldn't the phrase "falling for someone" imply little effort?

Sorry, this is obviously not well thought out - my timing must be off.


  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I think I've always used the term "falling" when it's snuck up on me... therefore being no effort what-so-ever.... but generally it always sneaks up on me

    I don't EVER look for relationships, so sometimes when it happens that I like someone enough to maybe start one... it does kind of sneak up on me... I realize that's not how everyone works though



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