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This post is taking in water…

Friend wanted onion rings and she wanted them bad. "Whatever," I said and she aimed her little car to this burger joint on Central she kept driving by all week. All greasy burger stands must have good onion rings we figured and when I saw that it was long ago converted Taco Bell, how could we go wrong?

Hamburger Central is the place to eat, let me tell you. Great rings and fries, good burgers, clean, decent prices and overall yummy.

The back of the post starts to dip into KorK stuff. Lower the boats.

M. was in town midway on a Las Vegas/Disneyland trip so it is decided to meet up at the Echo for her first to visit to KorK. I want to go every week, but originally planned on skipping this night to get some rest. With her arrival I now had an excuse to bounce around to Porterville, Bang Sugar Bang, and check out Kill Radio. On the way there in the little car, I suggested that she should paint “Le Car” on the side, but she didn’t remember them and it was another lost reference based on me being old.

Talking in the patio, DJ CZ felt like he was getting tired of KorK - how it was losing its appeal to him. I’m not sure if he meant the bands, the people, or if this was more of an external reflection on an internal change within him. Huh?

I feel that way sometimes, but unless I’m craving personal interaction that night, I’m more than happy to watch the bands, say some hellos and stay to myself. What I noticed last night is how strange it is to hang around with more than two people who actually know me. My nerdy true colors exposed by talk of the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton and the behind the scenes tour they have. Next big jackpot I’m dragging whomever is stuck with me!

The boats are safely away, the stragglers jump with only the vests to survive.

During conversations that night, I realized that I might give off the impression in this blog that I think myself some ladies man or something like that. Let me answer that with this fact: Since the end of my last significant relationship two years ago, I've gone on one date. Yeah I’m such the player.

I talk to people, I'm friendly to people, sometimes I flirt with people which is not the same as being friendly - once in a while people flirt back. So when I write about it, I tend not to put those moments in context, so the jukebox story last week was a few months ago, she was being just friendly, I was being a flirty/friendly and I came off as a ‘tard. Not sure if that how it comes across.

I like to write and do so badly. Some of it brutally honest, many tinged with a positive spin. For example, did this story happen? I like to think it occured like I remember it but it could be all in my head.

“You want to kiss me?”
“Not with that look on your face”
She had puckered up into the face of a tuna.
"You want to kiss me now?"
He barely glanced over, “No.”
“Kiss me now” He turned to see her normal again, eyes closed.
He stepped forward quickly, placing his hands on her cheeks as if could make her body float. Feeling the rush of energy between them offered his own sense of weightlessness and the thick heel shoes he wore made a slight enough difference in height that she felt instantly more secure.

He kissed her once, pulling back he peeped to see her waiting for more so he let himself relax and fall into the next one. Slowly lifting her hand, she slid down his back, fingers smoothing out the wrinkles and folds of his shirt. He barely noticed over the warmth of her face.

Eyes now opened to the outside world flooded into a kaleidoscope of over saturated lights and motion. The traffic moved in streaks of color, like torn fabric ribbons snapping by. Releasing his hands from her face he turned on heel and continued the walk down the path where she caught up within seconds.

“Dinner then?” he asked flatly.
Her smile made him lose the poker face and he started to laugh.
“I can’t even pretend to fake that”
“Fake what?”
“I can’t pretend that I didn’t just feel that so completely” his hands in a catching a basketball pose, “That I didn’t just lose my self in that moment.”

And that’s what he felt.

What are left are only bubbles on the surface.


  1. I hate the way you write "friend" all the time, why don't you just use the damn persons name and even worse is the one letter "M" or "C" abbreviations. Here's one for you...... F and U.
    Everyone Take Care
    Bye, C or DJ CZ

  2. My friends are interchangeable like pieces Mr Potato Head

  3. Anonymous11:15 AM

    ha ha! I am sorry, but "C" was pretty golly gosh darn funny with that F U comment. I love him.

    from the other "C"


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