30 minutes last night

Yes the alcohol did make me happy last night!

Visited the Gold Room for a quick thirty minute stay before walking to the Echo for the Kiss or Kill.

People call it divey, I thought it not too bad actually with free bowls of shelled peanuts or popcorn available. Just having more than one bar snacking option puts it over less refined establishments in my book. Maybe its appeal lies in the fact that a Corona plus a shot of tequila will put you back only $4.50, and cheaper if you're a regular like my friend was.

Being a standard bar that serves the residents of Echo Park, our waitress's English was better than my Spanish (I can't even count to ten) and it did cause a mixed up with our drink order. It was close enough though and worked out in the end, in this case a beer+shot combo came back as a second full round for the whole table.

We couldn't refuse the order of course, I mean you're suppose to be drinking at a bar right?
The bible even tells you to booze it up...somewhere. I'm sure it does.


  1. fixed it.

    Joe has written that he has gotten his beer that cheap, and it wasn't always bud. Well I think he wrote that.

    Still cheap.


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