Oh so tired

Oh Spaceland.

I'm a bit in the middle if I like this venue or not, on one hand it’s smallish and personal enough in the way Slims is up in SF, but on the other it lacks any real personality to it. Give me a show at the Troubadour anytime over Spaceland.

Saw Kay Hanley going out to her car as we were walking in to Spaceland, where the Ettes were already on stage playing.

Nothing groundbreaking with The Ettes but I really enjoyed their set. The singer had a cutesy voice, silly in her announcing that they had two songs left after every two songs played. They reminded Corey of a cuter, sweet version of Ze Auto Parts, but not as good. I'll add that Ze Auto Parts are just so much dirtier in a better way. Don't get me wrong - I will see the Ettes again.

Kay Hanley introduced new songs that were great and as catchy if not more so than her current solo work. I forgot to link to her music streams so here you go.

Didn't bother staying for the last band - forever sealing my un-indie reputation, as I shall write poetry and kill myself over this now.

Meet up afterwards with Ashley, Tara and Joe at the cool Ashley Mom’s house, where we sat on the new concrete benches drinking cheap wine and then downshifting into miller high-life when the Ravenwood was finished.

Ashley helps runs the landscape design business out of her mom's house, so not only was the inside filled with cool visual stuff, the front garden area was fascinating to me even in its not fully grown stage. Ths is an older WIP picture without the benches.

newer pic

Good times lasted until four a.m., the one exception when I broke my new try not to talk about blogs rule. Hi I'm Robert. I'm an Internerd and blogaholic. The next stage in treatment might have to be pain induced behavior modification, so just kick me or something if I start up again.


  1. 1) Done
    2) Work In Progress
    4) A O kay on the A-O-Knee-um

  2. Great landscape pics. Do they do professional installations?

  3. Good question. It shall be answered at somepoint here.

    Ash, do you guys have a website?

  4. Anonymous5:23 PM

    yeah it's a temp site, but www.kettikupper.com


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