This is not my family

I had a Hip Hop Thanksgiving with two cops, a foreign exchange student, a couple of Navy musicians in love, my mom, my little sis, my big bro, MTV Jams blasting on the widescreen, and five Long Island ice teas to warm my soul. Magical moments of swearing with my tequila shooting mom, my sister using a cat to explain what a pussy was and was not in English slang to the student. When did my family become so darn fun?

Friday we did a jump into Berkeley to eat at Fat Slice (best friggin pizza), shopping, and the Triple Rock Brewery for drinky drinks before heading back to the homestead for mom's meatloaf. Later an evening trip to Tiki Toms in Walnut Creek where this cute Jenny the total stranger drunk girl gave me a hug hello at one point in our group conversation.

I felt her lean into me during our equally snuggled hug, moving up and kissed my neck with soft red lips.
"Oh wow"
My eyes closed, my grip tighten, my neck rewarded with a second slower kiss.
"Thank you for the kiss on the neck, I needed that."

Under her short blond hair she smiled with big brown eyes and brows and then hurried back to her boyfriend, him not all that amused with hugs handed out like that.

If it was Thursday again my thanks would be given to family of course and then towards the little things that bring me selfish pleasure: for pizza slices, ice teas with the extra something something, rum and cokes, my big brother cop distracting the boyfriend and the less visible side of my neck in those ten seconds.


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