It would be like that movie Singles

Saturday was a total waste with Ashley yapping until 3 AM, my little self didn't wake up until 1.30, missing the Apple store opening that morning. Honestly I just wanted the t-shirt so I could sell it on eBay. There are some pictures here that looked very nerdy.

That night I'd planned a 20 mile trip out to see Get Set Go and Yes Dear (former members of Ozma, Arlo) High Fidelity at the Santa Fe Express Café, with the first band at 8.30. This place is located right at the Fullerton Metro Link/Amtrak station, with the bands playing outside on the platform next to passing freight trains.

8.30 I was finished with my shower
9.30 I was still sitting on the couch eating Taco Bell.
So I got ready, sat around, decided I wasn't going, realized I was hungry and then decided that a burrito sounded good.
Exciting Saturday night alone.

I was invited to join some folks I know that night for a Stripper Thanksgiving as part of their Decadent Poor manifesto. This co-ed meet-up was at the Koo Koo Roo on Wilshire for turkey sandwiches and then a trip to one of the many strip clubs of Los Angeles. Throw in a crush triangle between one of the leaders and two female friends, an East Hollywood/Silver Lake soundtrack, mixed with cheap Mexican beer and taco trucks and you have your next hipster movie.

Sadly it will suck because they'll cast that turd Jared Leto in it.


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