I made a mistake this morning.

I ate a McGriddle from my local McDonalds for the first time, lured in by the $1 everyday promo price on the bright shiny blue sign.
Damn shiny signs
::shakes fist at shiny signs::

Someone commented online that McDonalds was playing God with our breakfast meal reality as we know it. Sausage, ham, cheese (only in legal FTC terms), bacon, muffins, biscuits, pancakes, syrup, all perfectly normal morning fare, but those syrups balls imbedded in pre-formed pancake discs are a substance created not from nature. No, from pure evil I tell you.

Half way through my first Mc Griddle (yes I ordered two) I longed for a simple muffin, a flakey biscuit, an ambulance for the chemically flavored, sugar substance induce cardiac arrest.

I think it would've actually tasted better with spam.
::shakes fist at Hawaii::


  1. They weren't even filling either!

  2. Anonymous4:18 PM

    i'll never touch one...they always seemed gross to me but i like mcdonalds other breakfast food. then again, i don't really like pancakes. Sometimes I will go on short mcdonald breakfast binges and then curse myself for doing so and call myself fatty in my mirror.

  3. I do the binge thing too, but I call myself McFatty Fattypants.

    Those binges are hard to break. So easy, so quick, so evil.


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