There must be something wrong with me

As I was driving around Gardena trying to talk myself into eating the food I brought in and forgo the Taco Bells, the Jacks in the Boxes, the Empire of Burgers, I wondered what must be bothering me to crave junk food satisfaction.

Life has been alright lately I suppose. Some relationships have been changing and that has been affecting me, and can't forget how much I don't care for the holidays in general. Then I realized that I've had a bunch of recent comments floating around my head from friends feeling the need to remark on my weeble wobbly world. So let me try to address them.

You looked really happy on Tuesday.
I was drunk. I guess more alcohol equals less sour puss face.
Just imagine me after more alcohol and cosmetic surgery.

You are attracted to flirty people.
I'm a flirt on my happy days and I can tell you that us Flirts appreciate other Flirts.
It's mutual masturbation without the touching and the commitment of extra toiletries.

Who are you crushing on these days?
I drew a blank when I was asked this and that void scared me to my core. In the past I've dated my friends, now in the present I'm getting use to being single and making out with my pillow.

What are going to have for dinner?
Mother F'ing KFC

Writing this post didn't make you feel better did it?
Nope. Getting drunk tonight might though.


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