Before heading out for Kiss or Kill last night I watched two cool things: A overly dramatic NOVA episode on Volcanos and a commercial for the movie version of RENT.

Seeing the West Coast run back in 96/97 with Doogie Howser in the lead role remains one of my best memories of my early LA days.

I somehow managed to convince the Ex to take a chance on a musical neither of us knew much about other than it won a bunch of Tonys. You have to understand that getting the Ex to do anything other than mall hopping was an effort I had given up long before.

I remember a warm LA night, looking out onto the Downtown lights from the Music Center railing and thinking this was my new start in life in this City of Angels. We smoked and talked about how strange to end up in LA, how blown away we were by Rent even from our backrow seats. One of my very few perfect memories as it turned out.

While it's no Le Miz, I'm looking forward to this enough to listen to the soundtrack non-stop for the last 24 hours. There is even a Rent (movie version) music player on the site listed above.


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