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Towers, farm seen for Treasure Island
Self-sustaining neighborhood of 5,500 residences proposed

from sfgate.com

Some of you know about my fascination for Treasure Island in the middle of SF bay, and the new development plan released today gets a big whoa from me.

Originally there were to be @ 2500 new residents, but now they are planning mutiple 20 story and a couple 40 + stories residential units on the west side of the island.

This is good thing actually.

The City of SF is going develop it regardless and they really need to develop the fuck out of it with the proposed 5500 housing units, a new ferry terminal, along with a 20 acre farm to make it as self suffcient as possible.

The article link above gives a better overview.

I would still have to win the lottery to afford even the 30% percent of units sold or rented below market rates and that's a sad reality.


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