This is why they pay me the big bucks

Can anyone fit a 1,000 ml hand-soap pouch in a 500 ml only dispenser?

When you're the friggin' MacGyver of the office you can.


  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    And how the heck did you manage that feat of magic/engineering?

  2. The 500 ml can hold @ 750 ml if not more, meaning I needed to displace the extra soap from a new pouch somehow. My approach was simple: I simply took a partially used 1000 ml pouch from the kitchen, made the modifications above and that’s it.

    Yes I could've squeezed out that much soap in a new pouch too, but I didn’t want to waste soap.

    The only reason I'm cool is that three people went in to replace the empty pouch and with each one failing to do it was left to sit empty for a week, then they collectively decided that replacement of the dispenser was the only answer.

    My solution took @ 2 minutes and I fucking rule!


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