KorK 11.15.05

Showed up for the last song of Ze Auto Parts, almost 10 PM and the main room was already packed. The next band Slow Lorries was the main reason for the crowd I came to find out later. The band was made up of former members of the defunct band Palo Alto, and then someone else said something about how it was the QOTSA drummer’s band too. I don’t think that information was right but I did recognize the bass player as the guy from the The Action Cats from a few years ago.

The Sound of Asteroth were great, I wish more people stuck around for New Fidelity, and I ended up stay late enough for The Letter Openers, well worth the fours of sleep and the raging headache I have right now.

The good folks of Bang Sugar Bang were back out at KorK, my first time seeing them since they got off tour with the Addicts. I know they've been resting for at least a week, yet that worn down, driving across the country look still hung about them. Except Cooper who looked hot as usual, while Matt was very huggy drunk last night. Sentimental fool.

Conversation of the night:

I was hanging out up front, when a friend was on her way out.
"Do you want the rest of my Heineken?"
I happily take the nearly full beer from her hand.
"It only has a little of my spit in it," she smiled with that constant twinkle in her eye.
"Oh wait!"
She pulled the bottle out of my hand, I never lose eye contact with her as she takes a long swig and hands it back to me. I swallow my thought ”Well this is as close as I’ll get to exchanging spit with you, I might as well take you beer,” and keep the words unspoken. Her eyes remind me that I should’ve made the effort when I had the chance four months ago.

Random things I was staring at:

Watched a guy slide his hand around a friend’s waist as he leaned in to talk. He wasn’t making a move on her as far as I could tell, but I would've done the same maneuver to show interest. [I also avoid people for the same reason]

Saw a girl's neck get kissed by the Honey Pot, her eyes closed down tightly in that brief moment forgetting where she was, or so I imagined.
Be warned: The Honey Pot has secret ninja make out moves.

A cute girl with glasses smiled at me twice, oh the little meaningless things like this make me smile. The second time she returned my glance, then my smile. Considering I have a hard enough time talking to cute girls I already know socially, it was the best I could do.

Playfully called one friend a big ball of trouble, describing her much like Pig Pen from the Peanuts comic: kicking up a dust cloud of trouble wherever she walked.

As I was leaving the Echo later, I saw the insulted one outside and pointed my rolled up LA Weekly at her.
"Good Night Trouble"
"No! You’re trouble!" Thats all she had to say, I thought it a weak retort.
I kept smiling, walking down Sunset past the two ladies grilling hot dogs and onions at the sidewalk table.

Another perfect 2 AM in Los Angeles.


  1. Trouble with the Pumpkin?
    Circle Y or N.

    This completes the reading comprehension part of the test.
    Lay down your pencil now.

  2. Huh?

    Um No.

    There is only one Pumpkin (Hi!) and I haven't mentioned her by name, just very vague reference. No troubles that I'm aware of.

    Corey, are you smoking crack again?
    Circle Y or N

  3. Anonymous9:32 PM

    oh, hi!

    come on, corey, i'm practically no trouble at all. i'm the opposite of trouble. i'm -- i'm elbuort.

    plus i would've had a better retort. ;)


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