How can I say no

photo by Robert E. Klein

Corey is inviting me to see Kay Hanley of Letters to Cleo fame tonight at Spaceland.

I think I havta, gotta go.

Also playing:
The Ettes

Deadboy and the Elephantmen, who is Dax Riggs of Acid Bath, which shows how un-indie I am for still not knowing who this is. I'd suppose I'll figure all this out tonight.


  1. you there, check one ,two?
    please say yes.
    today is gonna suck til
    me = no hung over.

  2. fuck am I hung over too!

  3. I'm going to sleep until Sunday when I get home. Running a tad late today.

    I blame all of you.

  4. I thought last night you told me I get to hate you for it today... now you blame me?

    oh how the tables have turned


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