sad, so sad

I fell asleep by 8 PM last night, original plans falling apart, back up plans skipped. I'm not feeling well at all today.

This sucks. I was looking forward to Kiss or Kill tonight, a nap and OTC drugs might be enough to drive me back out to Zen, but we'll see. Or I'll guys don't care.

The King Cheetah 9:30 The Invisible Humans 10:10
Sounds of Asteroth 10:50
Soda and His Million Piece Band 11:30 The Atomic Missiles 12:10
= all great bands + good pull too = fun crowd, fun night.

So sad about last night not working out. I know I would've made a complete fool out of myself and there would've been pictures too!


  1. You're such a slut for attention... not to be mean when you're feeling shitty... but "we'll see. Or I'll guys don't care." come on man... shut up!

    I do hope to see you tonight, but almost feel like telling you I don't care when you do the "oh woe is me" bullshit

    but i'm not in a mood to try and be a smart ass right now, so I didn't come up with anything good

  2. Anonymous2:41 PM

    shit yo! that is like the most honest thing i have ever since written on this blog. whoever the hell angrysquaw is, I think i love you.

  3. Hmm this is what happens when new friends met old friends.

    I'm not saying I'm not a slut for attention. Damn I love attention!

    But that isn't what I meant when I wrote that. See new post that I was already working on.

  4. I know you didn't think of it like that... but it sort of came across as such

    but you, I think should know already, I say what I think... if I respect you enough to consider you a friend, which I do for you... so you get to hear me say what I think

    and I feel like it shows a lack of respect to beat around the bush and tread lightly and all that with friends...

    so when people do the nobody likes me thing
    ...see I've already got a history of having to deal with family doing that... and I hate it

    though sometimes it's very funny, like in your birhtday post... and when it's funny, or it's in a making fun of yourself I'm all down with self depreciating stuff... but I don't react favorably to self pity

    I don't really find it very becoming...

    I'm not saying I'm free of such negative things... just... I read yours, and I responded...

    the emphasis was supposed to be in the *I think it would be grande to see you this evening* part though

  5. I cool with you saying these things. Sometimes I am feeling sorry for myself, and I have been lately. I try not post about it unless I make it clear that I'm the only one responsible for the situation I'm in. My message to you was all bitching though and I know how you are cough *blunt* cough. ;)

    I'm not mad at all about this (why would I be?). Just wanted to make clear that I wasn't looking for pity in this post. I should've clarified what I meant it the first time.

  6. no no no let me clarify...
    sorry I just think it's too funny
    going back and forth like that

    I assumed you weren't mad... I would feel quite justified in calling you a pussy if you were mad at me for saying what I did


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