Today is special

Today is Veterans Day which is special to me for two reasons:

First today is payday which means I'm going screw around all day until my paycheck shows up in the old fashion paper form.
Yes, this company is that stupid.

Secondly, half of us losers don't enjoy the benefit of the day off, instead we just don't have to deal with half as many commuters. Hopefully driving home will be just as quick.

Oh I should be wishing my friend Cortney a happy Veterans Day if I believe my assistant's retarded logic. She’s under the impression that one had to serve in the army to become a veterinarian.
Yeah, she is that retarded.

Stream Gemma Hayes's new video for Happy Sad

The Roads Don't Love You album drops 11.15 I think.


  1. It kinda sounds like your calling "C" retarded. Words DO hurt, words DO hurt, man!

    Who is going to see Sarah Silverman's Jesus Is Magic?


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