Cat Food

All dressed up for Saturday night at the less than supermarket, again walking up the same aisles pulling my usual life sustaining needs off the shelves. Pepsi, chili, hot dogs, including the largest bag of hot dog buns, other assorted crap.

Picked the cuter of the two young cashiers, about 5'4", dark hair pulled back, thick rimmed Weezer glasses, brown eyes. She sliced through three customers in four minutes including her own bagging and chatting with the next cashier. I was impressed.

She was four items into my pile when I interrupted her with a "Hi, how are you?" Stalled for a second for her to look up, then continued towards the exit to walk my plastic red basket back to its home, a clean stack waiting to receive him back. I threw it on top not caring that it landed skewed, settling for a close enough in my effort.

"So you're going to have chili dogs, sir?" She continued to scan.

"Oh yeah."

More scanning.

"So the chili is for your dogs?"

"Huh? No?" I looked at my bag of cat food she just slid over the scanning glass.

I swear she said this next: "So you're going to give the chili to your dogs? Sir"

"Uh...No," I quietly responded.

Was she crazy? Was she fucking with me? I don't have any dogs I strongly thought.

Her face never changed; no sly smile hidden within her red lips, no I'm just screwing with you look behind those glasses. Did she not see the cat food I was buying?

She finished ringing me up and said have a good night Sir, my bags already filled and waiting for me at the far end away from her. Grabbing my bags I looked directly into the brown nearing black eyes again and saw nothing.

Nothing but pure evil.


  1. Story? I really thought she was asking if I was going to feed it to my dogs.

    Of course I'm an idiot.


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