water fun

sfgate had an article on the new thing to do:

Street Wars:
Water Gun Assassination Tournament

"The idea is to squirt your assigned victim before you get squirted by the player who has been assigned to squirt you. Entering the game costs $35. Whoever gets squirted is out of the game, and the last person left dry gets $500."

I would kick ass on this.


  1. First you gotta rob a liquor store for the $35 bucks with a real gun.

  2. I would suck at this, cause I have no desire to show how awesome I am in competition... and often have more fun purposely losing...

    I'd get wet as fuck

    but I might just skip the paying, and hang around the game and throw water on participants, just to teach them that life isn't fair... DON'T BE SUCH A BABY!


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