Le Zen Sushi

In short:

Walked in for King Cheetah’s last song, immediately putting a smile on my face.

Skipped the Invisible Humans to chat with friends in the patio. The best non-musical part of the night underneath bamboo covered beams talking and listening to conversations crossing over my legs. Thank you friends, thank you conversations, thank you padded bench corners.

Sounds of Asteroth had an amazing start to their residency and the best green hair singer expressions. Any band having that much on stage is guaranteed to please.

Soda and his Million Piece Band played that perfect musical moment in my little head for me last night. With a slight buzz, darken room, just feeling the music, watching the slide guitar, the horns, Soda (does he go by that?) slouched over his retro microphone, the way the female singer smoke and sung lyrics I couldn't make out and then spoke French in-between songs.

Ashley asked if I like them and I told her I loved them in thirty words longer than that.

In long:

At a different Sushi place tony worked his magic. Again.

I'll settle for the golden glitter between her fingers, sparkles wiped from underneath her eyes and nothing else to remember.


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