I'm hiding in my office

I walk into work this morning to find every member of the mfg. crew scrubbing walls, moping, or wiping down the desks and cabinets.

As they run around with hurried looks, I stop one and I get a rough translation that the Japanese are coming! The Japanese are coming!
(Please tell me you remember this modified movie reference, so I don't feel old)

Not that I have to deal with our Japanese customers, but it would've been nice if someone had told me they were showing up today. My jeans and dressy t-shirt is not really cutting it.

To top of it off, my stupid assistant should be answering the phone (a big part of her job) and not socializing with the guests. They're talking about filming some infomercial thingy and she's just standing there, pretending to understand what is being said.

I'm a little surprised she isn't blowing one of them already, since kissing the owner's ass is already second nature to her. She’s probably blowing him too.



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