Is anybody out there?

You are probably not reading this because you're already on your vacation and hence you suck.

Tonight if you're bored:

A great Kiss or Kill line up at El Cid ($3 / 18+)

The Underwater City People 9:30,
Silver Needle 10:10, Sounds of Asteroth 10:50,
The Whoremones (ramones tribute band) 11:30, Bang Sugar Bang 12:10
and a special cameo appearance from The Randies!

Since it's Johnny 99's (of Silverneedle and KorK co-founder) Superhero Birthday Bash, they are encouraging folks to dress up as your favorite superhero, enjoy face painting, balloon animals, and an Ice Luge featuring Monster Energy Drink/Three Olive Cherry-bomb Vodka Shots.

To top that off there will be a special guest appearance by the Junior Justice League.
Yes little people dressed as Superman, Wonderwoman,
and Batman and Robin!

At the Viper Room tonight
10pm prompt
$5, but the first 40 people are free w/ password "meatus"

Up the Sunset Strip at the Key Club
Free / All ages
Looner 8:15, Sharlotte's Web 9:00, Never Heard of It 9:40,
The Randies 10:30, New Maximum Donkey 11:20


  1. Also at the Knitting Factory then the Echo now no where were the Naturals - have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I'll give you a heads up if the Naturals find a venue ;)


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