Brea Apple Store

Finally an Apple store close my house at the Brea Mall

First 1000 people to show up will get the free t-shirt this Sat. Nov. 12th, but no mention of the surprise gift bags that they use to do. Additionally you have a whole month to enter the "Digital Lifestyle Collection" contest at this location, and I need to win, so don't enter please.

Valued at over US$2300, including a 17-inch iMac, iPod nano, Canon Powershot SD400 digital camera, Canon ZR100 digital camcorder, and an Epson CX4200 printer.

Brea Apple Store info

Unofficial Apple store info and new store rumors at ifo applestore

This is my new desktop background pic thingy


  1. Its the iPod Factory/Warehouse!!

    I love the little Steve Jobs up in the right hand corner and all the Segways.

  2. Steve Jobs is god. Okay maybe not.

    Ironic thing is that I'm mac/ipod less right now. Can't see myself having enough spare money for the powerbook I want. The upside it will be mactel and have the built in bagel toaster on it, and I love my bagels.


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