I hate you KorK

I'm achey, stuffed up, tired and wasn't going to Kiss or Kill tonight, deciding this back on Sunday even. As I was still going to post about, I took the time to listen to some of these bands while looking for links and I would say they seem interesting enough to check out.

I always love these strange line-ups for the strange mixture of fans.

Kiss Or Kill - Tues, Nov 8th (back at THE ECHO)
    Video Screening Starts at 6:30 PM.
    Go here for the list of videos to be screened.

She's Your Sister 12:10

From Chicago

Nu-tra11:30 (sounds like a harder version of Devo)

Sounds of Asteroth 10:50

Amazingly fun band

Star No Star 10:00 ( I'm not sure if I saw them last time)

Bubble 8:30

Watch video on their site for a better idea of what they sound like live.
Much harder than the name Bubble would lead you to think.


  1. My feeling like crap kept me away.

    I know paige liked shes your sister and you liked bubble and I missed out on both ;(

    Next week is a stellar line up with ze auto parts and others, so I'll be there FS.

  2. "distracted"

    I hate when that happens.

    I can't stop sneezing!!!!!!!!


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