I can't believe I just posted about McGriddles.

I need to get out and doing something or tomorrow I'll be posting about how I only wear black socks, most without patterns. I mean really, what purpose do white socks have in this world? Is it a conspiracy by Clorox and the bleach producing cartel?

Things I should do this week/end

Get Set Go in Fullerton this Saturday
Chumscrubber preview tonight. (hmm on Sunset - maybe not)
God I'm a loser - Is that all I have planned as possible things to do for the next four days?

11.10.05 Porterville @ Spaceland $7
$5 with RSVP: Send Your Name/Number Of People to:

11.12-13.05 Brewery Artwalk in the old Pabst brewery (free)


  1. Now Playing at the Nuart Theatre
    Sarah Silverman In Person Friday, Nov 11 at 7:30 & 9:40pm!

    Sarah Silverman (The Aristocrats, The School of Rock) is one of the funniest and most fearless comics in America. Despite the current political climate, Silverman takes on such pitch-black topics as September 11th, AIDS, race, sexuality, unwanted body hair, and the Holocaust, and spins them into politically incorrect comedic gold. The film comprises Silverman's performance before a live audience interwoven with stylish musical numbers and backstage intrigue. Features appearances by Bob Odenkirk and Brian Posehn (both of Mr. Show) and Silverman's comedian/actor sister Laura Silverman.


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